Pergolas date way back in history. They are the kind of structure which has evolved over time yet has retained its originality. Pergola is from the Latin word Pergula which literally means a projecting roof. Pergolas add a unique and classic touch to your home’s outdoor space. Its open structure allows it to be used a clinging garden as well. Plus it’s the kind of garden structure which adds value to your home.

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The following are a few reasons why you should invest in a pergola as well.

Adds value to your home

If you have your heart set on having a pergola in your garden, you should by all means go ahead with the plan. Not only does a pergola looks aesthetically appealing but adds value to your home as well. Since a great many people have started enjoying outdoor living, homes with pergolas often sell for a higher price. In fact homeowners can expect a 5o% to 80% ROI on any of their home or garden improvements.

Provides Shade

Do you enjoy sitting outdoors and enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun? Maybe you enjoy lazy Sunday afternoons spent with the family dozing off in the sun’s warmth? If you are the sort who enjoys these things a pergola can actually be of great benefit. It not only looks good but can provide the necessary shade without actually obscuring your view of the surroundings.

Can be used for other purposes as well

Once you have a pergola built in your garden it’s going to bring quite a host of other benefits as well. It can be used for any of the following

Pergolas can be designed using a variety of materials. The cost can differ for each shape and design. However these can be a major investment which would provide good returns with time. For information on pergolas building and installation charges make sure you contact a specialist. If you are also comparing different carports in Melbourne, then ensure you check this company out.