Take The Necessary Steps To Screen Your Employees

pre-employment medical check ups

A prospective employer may request an employee to take medical examination procedures so as to ensure he is of good health to handle the job at hand. It is usually a matter of routine practice for certain jobs such as mining or a company’s policy requirements. Depending on the type of job, the tests may include psychological as well as drug tests. Doctors conducting the medical examination are not allowed to disclose the medical information to the potential employer without the employee’s permission. There are however exceptional cases where the safety of co-workers is at stake or where public health requires that one’s medical report be disclosed. Independent Pre-Employment Medical Examinations enable employers to recruit workers that will enhance the overall efficiency of the organization.

The Types Of Medical Examinations Should Be Conducted

Physical fitness and good health are requirements that every employee needs so that one is able to deliver good results at their areas of work. This especially required when working in strenuous fields such as firefighting where firemen carry heavy equipment, perform rescue missions and wear pretty heavy clothes.A medical test determines whether the applicants lungs, heart, eyes, ears and limbs are healthy. Careers that involve law enforcement require an employee to have a sober mind. Applicants should therefore go through Independent Pre-Employment Medical Examinations that involve psychological and emotional medical exams to establish any underlying mental problems.It is mainly because such careers are entrusted with the duty of protecting citizens in one’s state. Such psychological examinations should however be conducted by a licensed professional.

Independent Medical Test Are better Than In-House Tests

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An independent pre employment medical test greatly enhance safety in the work place. It is usually achieved by ensuring employees are working free of drugs and alcohol. Employees working under such influence are likely to be careless at work hence causing injuries or death especially in businesses that involve use of machinery. Medical examination procedures such as urine tests are used in screening any use of alcohol or illegal drugs. The tests should be conducted by professionals to ensure accuracy.

Ethical Considerations To Be Mindful Of

Employment opportunities should be availed to everybody irrespective of race, gender or disability however employees with infectious disease should be rejected by potential employers. It is done to uphold the protection of public health. For example, a hotel owner may require an applicant for the position of a chef to undergo medical examinations to ascertain that he does not have any infectious disease. The applicant can then get a full examination from this website. As the chef handles food he may transmit certain infectious diseases to customers eating at the restaurant.The employer should therefore reject applicants who have tested to have such infectious diseases. Employers should not reject the applicant immediately when found to have an infectious disease especially if it can be cured. Where the disease can be cured after proper treatment such as tuberculosis, it may be reasonable for the employer to offer employment when the applicant has completely recovered.The law however does not include people with ailments such as HIV/AIDS and common cold. In addition it is not lawful to carry out pre-employment HIV testing in respect of most jobs.